Insurance 2.0

Insurance 2.0 Apps Based on Enterprise Mobility Platform

We deliver mobile solutions that raise efficiency of global insurances


Why Go Mobile?

  • Enterprise Mobility is one of 10 key trends in 2013 by Gartner
  • 830+ MM enterprise smart phone tablet users by 2016
Our multi year expertise in solutions for top global insurances is leveraged to deliver Insurance 2.0 applications for workforce of all levels. Role-based workspaces within tablet and mobile apps focus on the specific pain points, optimizing performance of risk engineers, sales force, executives and other employees within insurance market leaders, at any time. Download Insurance 2.0 Leaflet

Insurance Sales Cockpit App

Grow Sales by Engaging Customers Better

Insurance Sales Cockpit App for iPad is as a powerful tool for growing sales and engaging customers better. It mobilizes daily tasks of insurance sales force, granting instant access to the marketing materials and CRM data, and embedding industry tailored collaboration tools - within several taps on a tablet. Performing daily tasks via a mobile workspace, sales teams have presentation materials, customer details and associated documents always at hand. The activity stream allows to track the team interactions with the client, with calendar and to-dos assisting in planning. The app allows sharing visualized ideas within the team, turning brainstorming into professionally mapped concepts, it also enables joint work on client presentations on-the-go. Finally, embedded dashboards provide a birds view upon market trends, engagements' status and budget execution, which allows focus on mission-critical tasks. The app's smooth operation and integration are owed to an Enterprise Mobility Platform, which makes its basis. Via a platform connectors suite, the app easily integrates with a client's back-end IT systems, enabling enterprise-level security that was verified via an independent assessment. Back to top

Risk Assessment App

Increase ROI by Unlocking Corporate Data & Processes

Risk Assessment App for iPad solves Risk Engineers' major pain points and increases field work efficiency several times. It features a role-based workspace that embeds major activities associated with risk assessment and underwriting within an intuitive interface. The app easily navigates checklists related to risk assessment questions, business interruptions, identified hazards and perils, as well as underwriting questions and To-Dos. The CRM system within the app provides instant access to corporate contacts, integrating document packs referred to a certain one. The app's toolset includes on-site data capture, e.g. taking or uploading pictures and maps, making notes or sketches, recording videos, which allows to consider all the relevant details. The app's Risk Grading function allows on-site risk rating via a visual linear tool, with several scenarios generated. Based on the collected info, a Risk Engineer can draft a PPT, selecting from available templates or starting from a blank one. The assessment resume can be demonstrated within the app or shared by e-mail. Risk Assessment App provides a brand new efficiency and security. Based on a comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Platform, it features secure integration with back-end corporate and cloud-based systems, with the platform's enterprise-level security verified via an independent assessment. Back to top

Claims Management App

Reduce Costs by Optimizing Efficiency

Claims Management App for iPad and iPhone enables executives to review pending claims and manage approvals away from their desks, significantly driving performance. The app enables mobile claims management, based on the client's needs also integrating other customized applications, e.g. a Dashboard solution for instant performance overview, to ensure business consistency. Besides, users can benefit from the push notifications supported by Apple iOS, which allow server-side generated warnings displayed on top of other applications and accompanied by bright colors animation or sound notification. The app operates off-line and automatically syncs with the corporate systems, once internet connection is available. Claims Management App leverages an intuitive user interface to allow smart process navigation and offers enterprise-grade security. It is based on a comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Platform developed by Com Tec Co.

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