Mobile Apps

Great Tablet Apps Embedded Within Enterprise Mobility Platform

We provide diverse solutions to run your business via tablet

Envision running your business via tablet, from anywhere and at any time. Envision a window to all the corporate information and
processes via iPad, which allows you to perform daily tasks during travels or "field work". Our role-based workspaces on tablets bring
together the toolset shaped for a certain business role, featuring intuitive user experience and efficiency.

Personalized Document

Make the World Your Office

Light weighted and sharable, tablets (iPad in particular) are perfect companions for conducting meetings and presentations, in particular spontaneous ones, to which you are not prepared.

The idea of Personalized Document Management is to have an iPad application that will sync selected folders from any document management platform to arrange local file copies within iPad and to have them at hand on-the-go, at any time.

Accessing company’s Document Management System may take a while, and often info retrieval time is crucial. Document Management app for iPad provides immediate access to your key documents from anywhere, and in a few taps. You can easily create, review and edit iWork and Microsoft Office files, analyze reports, polish presentations, annotate PDFs on-the-go, as well as collaborate on project documentation and share files with colleagues and clients. You can stay productive anywhere, and even spontaneous meetings can be handled professionally.

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BI & Management Dashboard

Act Faster to Outperform Competition

Bringing key business metrics to life, Business Intelligence & Management Dashboard solutions can turn your iPhone or iPad into a powerful tool for business steering and high-impact decision-making, anywhere and at any time.

Dashboard apps provide executives of any level with access to visualized business performance data, enabling timely problem tracking and critical adjustments. Financial reports, sales data or associated documents can be viewed via custom arranged charts or graphs, with selected fields drilled down for details. Widgets allow information processing from within the app, e.g. approve workflow items or personal tasks. As a result, info retrieval time is cut down to seconds, decision making confidence and exemplar performance are ensured.

Presentation blocks within the BI and Dashboard app are fully customizable, each block can be tapped to open up on full screen. The app features an intuitive interface, light-on-the-eyes design, and lighting fast operation, with smart caching enabling work off-line.

The app efficiently integrates with numerous existing back-end systems, including internal and cloud-based IT, and its enterprise-grade security has been verified via an independent assessment.

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Business Processes On-the-Go

Navigate Your Business On-the-Move

The Process management app for iPad and iPhone is a brilliant tool that allows participation in key business transactions on-the-go. It can significantly drive performance, enabling executives to review pending workbench items and manage approvals away from their desks.

The app is shaped based on the client's needs, converging customized processes, including approvals. The approval process is usually integrated within another customized application, e.g. a Dashboard solution, to ensure business consistency. Besides managing pending requests and approvals, users can benefit from the push notifications supported by Apple iOS. These allow server-side generated warnings displayed on top of other applications and accompanied by bright colors animation or sound notification.

The Business Process Management app leverages an intuitive user interface to allow smart process navigation and offers enterprise-grade security.

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CRM On-the-Move

Engage Your Customers Better

A mobile CRM app for iPad is a powerful tool that helps you bring sales to a new productivity level and excel in customer service.

CRM app provides immediate access to your CRM database, up-to-date customer info with activity streams, sales data and tasks, as well as associated documents. On the front end, the data is arranged within an easy to navigate role-based workspace, shaped in line with the client's needs. The workspace can also utilize collaboration tools, which makes it easy to instantly share visualized ideas with the sales team, turning brainstorming into professionally mapped concepts, as well as to jointly work on client presentations on-the-go. The app allows you to sell and engage customers in a whole new way.

On the back end side, the app easily integrates with a variety of internal and cloud-based IT systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Dropbox, salesforce, etc.), and ensures enterprise-level security verified via an independent assessment.

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Enterprise Mobility Platform

The business world is shifting to enterprise 2.0, increasing efficiency through enterprise mobile apps, from family-held businesses to Fortune 500 giants.
The shift is inevitable.

Our comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Platform (EAPPS) allows to simplify and speed up enterprise mobility deployment in a strategic manner. It enables medium businesses and global enterprises to minimize cross-platform considerations, leverage multi year expertise behind it, and extend their IT infrastructure consistently.

Mobile apps within EAPPS serve several user segments and enable knowledge workers, management and service workers to shift to Work 2.0 - the innovative approach to their daily tasks that triggers optimal performance.

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Security and Integration

EAPPS platform helps businesses to go mobile with a continuum of daily tasks and activities, securely bridging existing legacy and non mobile-enabled backend systems with advanced mobile solutions. It features a Role-Based Presentation Layer and a Composite Integration Services Layer, with embedded pre-build components and interfaces to industry-standard systems. It can be seamlessly integrated within internal and cloud-based IT systems, shielding users from the underlying complexity.

The platform stands out due to enterprise-grade security. It acts as an integrated platform, providing centralized management of certificates for the custom enterprise applications. It passed an independent security assessment, and was successfully deployed in global enterprises. In addition, its security features are being continuously improved, to counteract new threats that appear regularly and to ensure ultimate data security along with efficiency.

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Technology that Wins

The platform enables rapid, agile and secure delivery of industry-specific solutions. Available in on-premise and cloud-based deployment options, it leverages modern technology, such as HTML5, as well as native device capabilities, with industry-standard Java EE applied on the server side.

EAPPS excels in ultimate flexibility, and can be packaged into various product configurations, from standalone apps for B2C, or integrated "box" products for SME or large businesses - to embeddable components within custom apps for global enterprises.