Have Efficiency Designed for You

With touch user interfaces on iOS and Android platforms, pushing the envelope of the user experience, the corporate IT is now expected to deliver solutions with consumer-level usability. Motech Ltd incorporated user experience design as an essential discipline within the development lifecycle, designing enterprise applications, which are intuitive, appealing and boost productivity.

We are committed to deliver user experience design that features a natural user interface for a whole new efficiency. We are here to render UX/UI design consultancy to you, bringing in the relevant best practice approaches, as well as to develop the winning user experience strategy for your offering - to help you outperform competition.

Optimal User Experience

We are committed to deliver user experience design that feels absolutely natural, offering intuitive, fluid and hyper-productive interaction. Solutions are designed for both online and offline working modes, providing users with key information irrespective of Wi-Fi hotspot availability. Once the connection is there, the data is synchronized in the background to present the latest updates whenever needed. 

Understanding How Users Work

To design optimal solutions, we utilize a hands-on collaborative approach by working closely with the user community and studying the client's working model thoroughly. At the first UX development stage, the visual mockup of the solution is designed and presented in a matter of weeks, after which an agile and iterative approach is applied to refine the solution based on the users' feedback. 

Role-Based Workspaces

Based on the envisioning workshop with business stakeholders and enterprise architects of a client company, we design role-based workspaces within mobile applications, with custom functionality set that targets certain users' daily tasks. 

With key data arranged within a natural user interface, offering key performance parameters and reports, customer and sales data, collateral, pending requests, etc, workforce of any level can focus on performance rather than user experience and, thus, achieve more.