Blend your IT Diversity

With 12+ years experience in enterprise solutions delivery to international clients, we know the challenges of integrating with various back-end systems inside out. Our team have extensive system integration skills polished throughout dozens of globally deployed projects.

Motech Ltd delivers enterprise applications embedded within a proprietary Enterprise 2.0 Platform, which acts as a proxy between secure back-end systems and open mobile clients. The platform enables seamless integration with industry-standard internal (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, EMC2, etc) and cloud-based IT (SalesForce, Dropbox, Workday, FUZE, etc). The platform shields clients from the underlying complexity of backend systems, ensuring interoperability and enterprise-grade security.

Integrating the existing corporate systems like CRM, HR, GL, document management and business intelligence with natural mobile frontends, we provide knowledge workers with critical data available within mobile workspaces at any time.

Reducing Integration Risks

We apply a continuous integration model, ensuring regular solution testing (at least daily), which minimizes the number of integration issues. Iteration planning within the agile delivery model we apply, allows to develop functions crucial for business and critical from the technical standpoint, in the first line. This way we reduce integration risks and increase our client's confidence in the project success.