Excel in Enterprise Mobile Strategy

At Motech Ltd, we believe in strategy behind solutions as a pre-requisite for the delivery of mission-critical enterprise apps. We apply decades of  background in strategy consulting and implementing global IT transformation projects to help you deploy Enterprise 2.0 apps in a strategic manner. 

We invest in learning our clients' IT infrastructure and challenges, helping them shape an enterprise mobility strategy that generates the best value for their customers, partners and employees. Based on the mobile strategy our experts will support you with the implementation planning and end-to-end custom development.

Strategic Shift
to Mobility with EAPPS

Motech Ltd's expertise in strategy consulting is aggregated within a comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Platform (EAPPS), which enables efficient shift to mobility in a strategic manner. With EAPPS we can help you deploy a consistent enterprise mobile strategy, minimizing cross-platform considerations and extending your IT infrastructure consistently.  

Product Strategy Consulting

Our strength is bringing together enterprise architects and business stakeholders within a client company - to participate in a strategic envisioning workshop and outline the most innovative and viable products for productivity increase. 

Sharing our insight and use cases, we will outline innovation opportunities and threats relevant for your enterprise;  through focus groups discussions and expert opinion sharing we will help you develop a product strategy that makes your customers stay with you for decades and your workforce perform better.