Let Excellence Happen

Focusing on excellent quality of enterprise mobile apps, our Mobile Testing Team utilizes a custom testing approach, leveraging optimal testing types, modes and depth for each phase in the development lifecycle, based on a certain client's needs. Iterative and incremental development model allows to arrange testing activities in cycles aligned with two-week development iterations. This enables defect detection (at all levels) early in the release lifecycle, optimizing testing costs.

Complete Set of Testing Activities

Offering a comprehensive set of testing activities, our Mobile Testing Team utilizes both primary testing and additional testing activities, which ensures exemplar performance.

Primary testing activities are performed on a regular basis and include end-to-end (E2E) progression testing of new system requirements, E2E regression testing of the existing functionality, exploratory testing to discover unspecified areas, checklist-based testing to run several sanity checks, and an acceptance testing, which allows the client team to validate that the system behavior meets the requirements specification.

Additional testing activities, performed on as-needed basis cover performance testing, stress-testing, load, volume, and connectivity testing, polishing the apps' excellence.

To provide maximum
value in a cost-effective
manner, Motech Ltd applies
a comprehensive approach, including:

  • E2E testing combined with isolated component testing;
  • Automation of maximum test cases;
  • Regression and non-functional testing embedded within quality assurance.

Efficient Test Automation

Motech Ltd's approach to the creation of regression test suites has also been proven optimal in a number of large-scale development projects. It results from the combination of automation tools, inter alia MonkeyTalk, which allows creation and management of regression test scripts that subsequently become part of the Continuous Integration process. This way we realize our vision of offering highest quality testing services in a cost-effective manner.