Bridging Enterprise and Mobile

We are here to shape your ideas into custom Enterprise 2.0 applications that enable a whole new productivity level, offering a strong sum of 12+ years expertise in enterprise agile, a proprietary Enterprise Mobility platform, and a track record of delivering mission-critical solutions globally.

Motech Ltd bridges Enterprise and Mobile, bringing in multi-year enterprise expertise to deliver custom mobile apps that feature consumer level user experience along with strategic implementation, enterprise-grade security, optimal integration and scalability.

Enterprise-Grade Security

We have undertaken massive investments to design and deliver a cutting-edge Enterprise 2.0 platform (EAPPS) that provides centralized management of certificates for custom enterprise applications. Besides passing an independent security assessment, the platform was successfully deployed in global enterprises. It is also continuously improved, to counteract potential new threats and ensure ultimate data security along with efficiency.

End-to-End Custom Solutions

Motech Ltd stands out among competitors due to its comprehensive approach, which transcends services and products offering. We develop end-to-end solutions, collaborating with the customer throughout the entire delivery process, from strategy consulting and sketching ideas, to user experience design, implementation, integration and operations support. Utilizing pre-configured modules that leverage decades of expertise behind them, we develop custom apps, ensuring optimized project ROI. 

Enterprise Agile

Motech Ltd excels in Enterprise Agile, an agile, iterative and incremental delivery model adjusted to enterprise environment.  It allows to deliver even large-scale solutions in frequent iterations, which rapidly evolve based on the client's feedback and ensure core functions delivery first. With Enterprise Agile application, tangible results are delivered every few weeks, which makes it easy to steer and adjust the development process, resulting in productivity and leveraged IT investments.

Proven successful throughout decades of application, enterprise agile model allows business and IT teams to collaborate and helps to arrange distributed teams' joint work efficiently.