PDF Cabinet 2.0 An Even Better PDF Reading, Review
and Annotation Experience

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"A beautifully designed app that is intuitive, and very much like working with paper (but without the drawbacks.) One really smart addition make in the most recent update is an adjustment which ensures that the pencil tool will automatically change its scale depending on the current zoom level, allowing more precise annotations."

"The app features a great collaboration tool where other people can see your work and also work on it at the same time. This requires two or more people to have the same app but still very useful for business."


"Elegant in its simplicity, PDF Cabinet makes annotation a beautifully refined experience."

"This is an excellent productivity app for your iPad. It is easy to learn, fun to use and effective. Being able to access the tools with one finger is an intuitive option, and the collaboration abilities are unmatched. PDF Cabinet takes annotation back from the extreme, overachieving apps and makes it simple and productive once again"

"PDF Cabinet takes the pain out of viewing and editing PDFs on your iPad. The sleek interface doesn't overwhelm with buttons and settings, but you still have easy access to plenty of editing options. In particular, we love the branching tool selection, which lets you choose tools and options by simply tapping and dragging through a dynamic menu."

‚ÄčI recently came across a lesser known app in the crowded genre  - PDF Cabinet - and it’s quickly won me over. Not only is it well designed, but it’s also got one of the most intuitive and easy to use annotations interface I’ve come across.

"The application is very polished and introduces some neat new user-interface elements; ones that are super helpful for PDF reading, organizing, and editing. Perhaps the best UI element is the dynamic annotation pallet."

"The simplest PDF tool I bet you've never seen before. PDF Cabinet is a perfect app that brings you a surprise. The intuitive, fast and simple app absolutely rivals many modern PDF apps. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!"

"Set up folders to organize your documents within Cabinet. Drag and drop to reorganize. Cabinet comes with multiple start-up notebooks. Duplicate them, change the names, password protect your documents. Easy. "

"With a unique method of tool selection, PDF Cabinet has a graceful-uncluttered user interface, combined with an ease of creating annotations and collaborating."

"Viewing PDFs just got a little easier with the app PDF Cabinet.The goal of PDF Cabinet is to handle PDFs the same way you would handle them if they were printed on paper. The goal is to handle them simply, and it does what it advertises."